He was waiting patiently for me to notice him. He would repeatedly send me the same message; looks on the outside is not what is important but rather it is the inside that counts the most. The last time I got into contact with him was about fifteen years ago when I graduated from high school. (Please do not even think of doing the math)
I kept pushing him away as much as possible because I had no time or room for him. Horrible, I know. He is not attractive at all. He is boring, dull, bland, frail and old. What can I say? He just is not my type. His dimensions are 18” x 16” x 13”. His full name is Organize Later. He lives deep in the back corner of my closet.

It was when I moved back to home sweet home San Francisco that I gave in and decided to give him a chance. I had forgotten what valuable assets he had in store for me. Asset #1: The matching shirt that I bought with my ‘clique’ in high school, which at the time made me look insanely hot. Or so I thought. Asset #2: Baby blue colored infant clothes with gray elephants and yellow balloons all over. 100% cotton, size 6-12 months. My younger brother, which I am like a second mother to since we are about a decade apart, used to wear this. I kept this because just seeing this brings me back to fond memories of changing his diapers and losing sleep over his crying throughout the night. He was cute as a button. Asset #3: Pastel purple cardigan with fruit shaped buttons handmade especially for me by my grandmother. It feels like yesterday that I was with my grandparents at the park near their house. They sat on the bench together as they watched me play on the swing. I miss them both dearly.  As I sat on the floor, surrounded by my timeless assets, one question came to mind. Is there another way to preserve these valuables instead of leaving this job to Organize Later? It was at that moment when I was holding the pastel purple cardigan tight in my arms that Needle Happy became a profound creation in 2011.

Whether you want to recreate a type of clothing that signifies a fond memory of a loved one, you happen to be a major hoarder that cannot seem to cut ties with clothes from another era or you were a shopaholic that maxed out your credit cards to look like a fashionista and all you are left with is a closet full of clothes that do not fit anymore, Needle Happy is here to help. We understand that there are some designer clothes in your closet that you cannot seem to come to terms with donating because let’s face it, you spent a fortune on these items. Whether it be a closet full of “I will try to fit into them next year” outfits or items that hold dear to your heart, Needle Happy can bring new life to your extraordinary items. I fall in love time in time again with the words ‘personalized,’  ‘handmade,’ and ‘recycled,’ which calls for uniqueness, made to order just for you and doing good for our environment. Each and every piece made at Needle Happy is made especially for you and no one else. We take special care of your items because we understand that these articles are full of memories that hold a special place in your heart. Send us your items today and we will give extra Needle Happy lovin’ for your heartfelt items!

Sincerely yours,

Needle Happy